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Trek to Bada Bhangal: Part 2: Bada Bhangal - Vitha Thapa - Dhardi village - Nayagraam Village // English Version

I meet you again for telling you the second part of our trek. It finally snowed too much on the second pass (what we already knew at the beginning of the trek) so we have to change our plan :(.  Instead of reaching Kalihuin Pass, we will go through a side valley, named Vitha Thapa, along a ''hunter'' pathwith lot of ''danger points'' and other strange thing of this kind. Some trekkers become grey, I've got a wide smile!
But before leaving Bada Banghal, I've to come back to my military duties and play the medic (even if it only is about leaking blisters out, it's nothing I know...). Evening full of ''Euhh, will it hurt?'', lightened only by my frontal torch, enjoying it as a 10 years old child!

Other interesting thing: Bada Bhangal products ''some stuff'' and villagers refuse to open an access road to protect this business :)

Waking up very early, because the day will be long and difficult. We will have to go through rocky area and some danger points. Mostyl all the group has never faced such conditions. So let's go for 14 km of walking in this rocky parade with my beloved mountain converse.

Steep slopes
Birbal was one of our porter, who was like the camp's mumma. Always asking about my plate,about drinking weird alcohol (and going blue with other guides :) ) etc. Typical conversation:

- ''Matiu, you want more?'' (my plate is still full)
- ''After, after...'' I answer.

Other sentences: '' Matiu, ciapatti?'',  ''Matiu dissie (weird alcohol) ?? '', ''Matiou...''

Path in the cliffs

You say ugly?
After some hours of walk, we finally find a good and friendly place to stay: some flat area on the bottom of a small valley, tightened between two mountains. We meet a small shleter where local people stay at night.

The shelter

From this point, things are more difficult. The path is less and less well-drawn, the slopes are steeper and rocky parts more impressive and frequent. We actually go through a huge steep rocky slope. We feel the difference between Alps and Himalya, where everything is 15 times bigger, I let you imagine why some fellows were impressed.

We finally reach the camp. I discover that my shoes have just broken! Hurra! Everybody is happy, this day was very difficult. We will sleep under the starts, only protected by a kind of half cave. We only have few space, so we bring back the habit of our first night together.

Dharmpal, Ritesh and Sartek
Night full of aches... hopefully the forthcoming day will be short. We only have to go through the last ''dangers points'' and join Dhardi village, where we will spend the night.

Upper upper

The... ''path''

Rocks everywhere

We finally cross the last danger point. We will have to walk for 3 more hours until Dardi village, where we will be welcomed by a local family and find some ''civilised'' stuff (biscuits and candies :D). We also meet the hunting officer and his bodyguard (the hunting officer weighting close to 50 kg...), both totaly high. Bada Bhangal ''stuff'' seems to be well-consumed in the area :p . Dinner at our host house, quiet strange atmosphere, but nice although. Night as tight as usual in a very small hut.

Manish, Dharmpal and Sartek

Loose at poker? Bakchod?
We hear the rain on the roof all night long, the forthcoming day will be humid! We wake up under the clouds, rains has stopped. The colors of the landscape have changed, Brace yourself,winter is coming!

View direction Bada Bhangal

Yogindra is a dragon
It's the last walking day, only few hours trip. We will have to reach Nayagraam village, a magic village where you can find magical thins like chocolat! One the road we drink chaï in a small sheeper house.

Before Nayagraam village

We see the theoretical last bend, and... crac,hill syndrom! Or abyss syndrom, because this time we will have to walk to the bottom of a valley and come back at same level on the other hillside. We reach Nayagraam few time after this, rob all the chocolat, eat a few and then take the bus to Chamba, a small city. The road is like the path: goig trought the cliffs. But the driver is confident and travels fast.

Nayagraam, back to the ''civilisation''
At Chamba, we take à night bus. The driver was totally crazy, going very fast in huge bends, without braking. This night looks like a very long attraction in a big roller coaster, but not such good for sleeping...

Presentation for a religious fest at Chamba
Last day at Chandigar, we went to a big restaurant and eat as much as possible. Then 14h train, sleeping all the time, to go back to Kanpur.

Aaaaaaand it's gone!

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